Hunting Blinds

Insulated | Lightweight | Wasp-Proof

Tested in 20-degree weather, Tusca Blinds heat to 55 degrees in just an hour using a single candle! This showcases the exceptional insulation and seal in every Tusca Blind. Plus, our manufacturing process makes them half the weight of traditional blinds, easily set up with friends and without heavy equipment. Buy confidently knowing you're investing in a durable blind built for years of outdoor memories and successful hunts. Upgrade to a Tusca Blind this season and Test the Outdoors™!

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HitchHiker™ Camper

More effective than a tent. More versatile than a standard camper.

Kick off your next adventure with the The HitchHiker™ Camper! Our bare bones camper is designed to function like a teardrop camper but with more versatility and affordability that allows you to camp in comfort during all four seasons without breaking the bank! At only 190 pounds, this camper is light and compact enough to fit perfectly onto a 5x8 utility trailer and can also function as a toy hauler camper by placing it on a larger trailer to haul motorcycles, ATVs, and other recreational gear behind it. With integrated vents, screened windows, an electric port, and space for a full-size bed, the HitchHiker™ ensures comfort, functionality, and year-round outdoor enjoyment for 1-2 people.

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Our Story and Mission

Former college teammates Adam and Josh launched Tusca Innovations in 2019, creating their debut outdoor product. This success led to founding Tusca Outdoors in 2022, and launching a full-scale manufacturing site in Lebanon, Pennsylvania to continue innovating and releasing one of a kind products that enhance their customers outdoor adventures.

Tusca Outdoors' mission is to craft exceptional, high-quality products that exemplify innovation, reliability, and superior craftsmanship. Committed to excellence, we proudly manufacture in America, harnessing cutting-edge technology and expertise to create goods that inspire and elevate everyday experiences for our customers. We strive to stay true to our values of quality, integrity, innovation, and manufacturing excellence, all of which contribute to the economic growth and health of our local communities and country.

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  • HitchHiker™ Camper Customer

    "Tonight will be my third night in the Tusca HitchHiker and I’m absolutely loving it! I went in thinking the interior might be too “barebones” but the wide open and versatile space is perfect! Not at all claustrophobic, plenty of room to move around, and a straightforward design that can be customized in an endless number of ways. The Tusca is hands down the right fit for me and my two dogs! Thank you for everything and for making these campers a reality!"

  • OctoBow Blind Customer

    "Last year I ordered a new blind for my farm. The team delivered everything on time. The blind is super tough and lightweight. Quality windows and doors. Completely dry and no maintenance needed. No seam design and tight seals around windows and doors. I love this blind so much I just ordered the new Octo Bow 6x6. If you want to support small businesses with quality products and great customer service this is the place!"

  • OctoFlex Blind Customer

    "Purchased the octoflex blind and between the customer service and delivery, it was all seamless and we couldn't be prouder to be on Team Tusca!"

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