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6x6 OctoFlex Blind

6x6 OctoFlex Blind

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Shipping is available to all lower 48 states. For multi-blind discounts call us at (717) 875-2197.

Introducing the OctoFlex: The 8-sided blind for the do-it-all hunter!

If you're an avid gun, archery, or crossbow hunter, the OctoFlex is the ultimate blind designed specifically to do-it-all in every season. This top-selling blind checks all the boxes, offering premium insulation, ultralight build, 360° visibility, and seamless construction. Test the Outdoors™ with the OctoFlex and immerse yourself in the unrivaled quality, comfort, and performance a Tusca Blind provides. 

The OctoFlex is built to last a lifetime, utilizing the highest grade materials and patented technology to build a hunting blind that can be heated with as little as a candle. Seriously, during testing in 20 degree weather, the blind heated to 55 degrees in an hour with only a candle inside!

 In its class and size, the OctoFlex is the lightest weight hard-sided blind on the market at 300 pounds - less than half the weight of a traditional wooden blind. This gives the unexpected benefit of being able to change blind locations or transfer to other properties in future years with relative ease. Additionally, the blind can be assembled onto a 10' tower on its side, and stood up with 3-4 people (we've even done it with 2, but just bring along Uncle John to make sure your covered!). In other words, you do not need heavy equipment to set up this blind. 

The OctoFlex is designed to provide excellent visibility while keeping you concealed from game. The glass hinge windows are tinted, preventing game from seeing inside while offering you a clear view of your surroundings. The 8-sided nature of the blind gives a true 360 degree hunting experience.

The OctoFlex comfortably accommodates two adults with 6'x6' outside dimensions. Three horizontal windows are 30", and five vertical windows on the corners and door are 36". The blind features an 84" gabled roof, granting taller hunters the freedom to stand comfortably within. Taller than nearly every other competitor blind. The blind is also equipped with shelving and 2 cupholders in the corners.

The OctoFlex boasts a completely seamless construction, ensuring that wasps, hornets, rodents and other unwanted guests are kept outside, allowing you to focus solely on the hunt.

The OctoFlex excels in sound dampening with its innovative construction that utilizes naturally sound dampening materials. This feature gives peace of a mind when the buck of a lifetime is in range. Not to mention, this is a huge feature if you are looking for a blind you can utilize for years to come with children and grandchildren (who may not always be the quietest!).

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